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Air Purifiers

On average, people take about 16 breaths per minute. That’s 960 breaths per hour and almost 8.5 million breaths a year. Unless you’re a yogi; one breath per minute might be sufficient then. To say that it is important to be surrounded by clean air is an understatement; it’s is literally vital. However, the air surrounding us isn’t always as clean as you might think. Using an air purifier can be a solution for people who suffer from allergies or are asthmatic.

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, indoor air quality is actually much worse than outdoors. They estimate that it is 10 to 30 times more polluted, This is partly due to the presence of viruses, allergies or keeping pets or, for example, the use of cleaning agents, wood-burning stoves, and cooking equipment. Moreover, polluted air can easily enter from outside through open windows, doors, or cracks. Without a good air cleaner, these polluting air particles will get stuck and they will be inhaled frequently, without you even noticing.

WINIX air purifiers

WINIX specializes in creating an air purifier for every situation. All of our purifiers are extremely powerful. This enables the air to be cleaned much faster and more frequently. Unwanted pollutants do not stand a chance against a WINIX purifier! Our innovative air cleaners are available in different shapes and sizes, for smaller and bigger rooms.

Our most powerful air purifier is the WINIX ZERO Pro. This air purifier is the most suitable for large rooms up to 120 m2. The WINIX ZERO Pro uses a 4-stage filtration system, including the unique WINIX PlasmaWave® technology. Our unique technology neutralizes dust particles and allergens, without using chemicals.

Winix Zero Compact

4-stage air purifier filtration system

Every WINIX air cleaner contains a number of filters. WINIX Air Purifiers are using a 4-stage filtration system as in the WINIX ZERO Pro. The first stage filtration system in the WINIX ZERO Pro is the pre-filter. The pre-filter in our air cleaners is used to capture the larger fluff and dust particles. It prevents them from entering the air cleaner, which means that the other air purifier filters will last longer. The second filtration stage is the odor-reducing carbon filter.

This odor-reducing carbon filter filters organic particles, such as the particles that might arise from pets, cigarette smoke, and cooking. The odor reducing carbon filter reduces unpleasant smells. The most powerful filter and the third filtration stage in all WINIX Air Purifiers is the True HEPA filter. The True HEPA filter removes up to 99,97% of all particulates, allergens, fungi, pollen, and fine-dust (PM2,5).

PlasmaWave Technology WINIX 2

WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology

The fourth stage is our unique PlasmaWave® Technology. Our air purifier technology creates hydroxyl molecules, which neutralize viruses, gases, and bacteria on a molecular level, without creating any harmful Ozone.

Make effective use of your WINIX Air Purifier

When bought your WINIX air cleaner, you want to be sure that you use it most effectively. We’d like to give you some tips about that. First of all: you should place the air cleaner in a strategically functional place, near a window or door. Use the auto-mode, so it will continuously purify your indoor air.

If you are using your WINIX air purifier in the bedroom, and you are a light sleeper you don’t need to worry because the WINIX Air Purifier will automatically start using the sleep mode while it is getting dark. When the air cleaner is using the sleep-mode it will purify your indoor air on whisper-silent level.

For more information about our range of air purifiers, please contact us.