Winix Air purifiers help against respiratory diseases, like asthma or hay fever

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) indoor air quality is often 10-30 times more polluted than the outside air. Winix air purifiers use patented natural technology where the air is cleaned without chemical byproducts. Our air purifiers are very powerful and efficiently designed to allow the air in the whole room to be regularly filtered of among other viruses, pollen, particulate matter and unpleasant smells. So you can breathe as healthy at home as in nature!

How does it work

Fine mesh pre-filter

captures larger dust particles and fluff so the subsequent filters will last longer.

True HEPA filter

removes 99.97% of all dust in the air such as particulates, allergens, fungi and pollen.

Carbon filter

filters organic particles from the air that may arise from cooking, pets and smoke. This also reduces unpleasant odors.

Plasmawave ®

creates Hydroxyl molecules that neutralize viruses, bacteria and gases in a natural way, without producing harmful ozone.

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WINIX PlasmaWave® technology

The  Winix  Plasmawave®  technology  harnesses  nature’s  ability to clean the air and recreates the  natural,  safe  and  effective  process  that  purifies 

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Winix SmartApp: check the air quality both indoors and outdoors