Winix Air Purifiers are placed in high schools

This school from Spain is using WINIX Zero Pro Air Purifiers in classrooms

In Spain, one of the countries in Europe most affected by COVID-19, WINIX air purifiers have started to be used to clean the air in classrooms as an extra protection measure against the virus.

This secondary school in the region of Castilla-La Mancha was one of the first Spanish schools to trust our PlasmaWave technology in this matter and decided to purchase fifteen WINIX Zero Pro air cleaners. After that, many other schools have joined the initiative in order to clean the indoor air in their classrooms.

We continue to work to ensure clean air for everyone!

Video transcript:

The AMPA (student parents association in Spain) from Campo de Calatrava high school in Ciudad Real has equipped the school with 15 air purifiers. Another resource to stop the coronavirus in the classrooms. Air Purifiers are now added to this institute in addition to masks, hydro-alcoholic gels, and safety distances.

“In the AMPA we decided to invest in these air purifiers used to capture airborne particles and purify them. It does not kill viruses but it does reduce them.”

Advised by a researcher from the University of Castilla-La Mancha the school has purchased 15 air purifiers and a CO2 meter that determines in which classroom there is more need to purify, this new purification system in the school has come to stay and many other schools in the region are already interested.

“We are surprised because we have received many calls from other schools, institutes, and associations. The best thing is that it is an investment for the health of children and for the future. When COVID ends, hopefully soon, they will continue to be useful and we will continue to invest in them.”