WINIX PlasmaWave® technology

PlasmaWave® Technology is the key and differential element of WINIX Air Purifiers.

This technology effectively cleans and eliminates all types of pollutants, especially useful in reducing viruses and bacteria from the air. This is one of the reasons why WINIX air purifiers are so effective since they not only use a quality HEPA filter to capture the vast majority of particles that fly through the air, but also combining HEPA filtration with this technology, adding a powerful element to filter the air in your home or office.

WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology uses a natural filtration process that generates positive and negative ions that safely separate hazardous contaminants (at a molecular level) without producing any harmful ozone.

What is the PlasmaWave® Technology?

WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology creates Hydroxyls to redcue bacteria and viruses without producing harmful ozone. It harnesses nature’s ability to clean the air and recreates the natural, safe, and effective process that purifies the air. Our technology creates a safe & short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions (positive and negative) and disperses them into the air.

As the ions attach to the surface of air pollutants, such as bacteria or viruses, they naturally remove hydrogen from the molecular structure of air pollutants, eliminating them and resulting in cleaner and fresher air.

Main benefits of our PlasmaWave® Technology

  • Reduces viruses and bacteria from the air more effectively.
  • Reduces odors from everyday smells (cooking, cigarette smoke…)
  • Protects indoor air by reducing mold growth rates.
  • Increases air purification performance by reducing static electricity so air pollutants are captured by the air purifier airflow directing them into the multi-stage filtration process.

PlasmaWave Technology WINIX 2

How does it work?

  1. The PlasmaWave® Technology in our Air Purifiers creates a short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions from air moisture. This electrical discharge is safe and only occurs for a short period of time (nanoseconds).
  2. These are + hydrogen (H+) and – oxygen ions (-O2). The ions attach themselves to the surface of air pollutants to form Hydroxyls by removing hydrogen from the structure of air.
  3. This interaction removes air pollutants and allows the ions to use the missing Hydrogen ion, which was removed from the air pollutants’ structure to return as air moisture (H2O).


An air purifier with PlasmaWave® technology, unlike an ionizer, uses electricity to create both positive and negative ions. In WINIX air purifiers, this technology puts the air in a plasma state and strikes the water vapor to release hydrogen and oxygen from their molecular bond. Hydrogen and oxygen are released to form alliances and thus form hydroxyl radicals (OH).

Hydroxyl radicals are, simply put, unstable molecules that seek equilibrium by stealing atoms from neighboring molecules, destroying them in the process. Those neighboring molecules are the air pollutants: viruses, bacteria, germs, odors, chemical gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.

The hydroxyl radicals will rearrange their chemical structures to form harmless molecules such as water (H2O), oxygen, or hydrogen by destroying these contaminants.


Why is Plasmawave® better than other technologies?

PlasmaWave® Technology can be incorrectly mislabelled as an “Ionizer” or confused with negative ion generation technology. Our technology is far superior because it produces both positive and negative ions while ionizers only produce negative ions. Negative ion air purifiers do not eliminate air pollutants. Instead, negative ions force contaminant particles to group together so they are weighed down onto the surface of furniture and floors. Everyday activities such as walking or vacuuming can reintroduce these contaminants by helping them become airborne once again.

Our WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology effectively reduces the concentration of air pollutants.

Is PlasmaWave® safe?

Yes, Plasmawave® meets the California Air Resource Board’s AB 2276 standard, which is the most rigorous American certification benchmark for indoor air cleaning ozone emissions. To attain compliance, air-cleaning devices must be tested for electrical safety and have ozone emission ratings below the 0.05  parts per million limit.



Watch the short video to understand the WINIX air purification process: