Winix awards air purifiers to the winners of the clean-up in Rotterdam

A city clean-up took place in Rotterdam last week. A group of volunteers roamed the streets around the river (De Maas) in Rotterdam to collect as much litter as possible. WINIX wanted to be part of the event and awarded 2 WINIX Zero Compact air purifiers to the pair of volunteers who managed to collect the most amount of litter.

The event was organized by the SDG-14 ambassador of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and the LDE Centre for Sustainability Students.

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities Centre for Sustainability Students’ mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy to achieve a sustainable society. WINIX is proud to support these types of initiatives that help mobilize society towards a sustainable future. Thanks to all the participants and organizers!


What are the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. They are included in a UN Resolution called the 2030 Agenda or what is colloquially known as Agenda 2030.

The 17 SDGs are:

  • No Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • Reducing Inequality
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life Below Water
  • Life On Land
  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
  • Partnerships for the GoalsSDG goals

How does WINIX contribute to it?

Air pollution is recognized as a pressing sustainability concern and is directly mentioned in two SDG targets: SDG 3.9 (substantial reduction of health impacts from hazardous substances) and SDG 11.6 (reduction of adverse impacts of cities on people).

WINIX embraces all the SDGs and has direct and indirect implications on many of them. Air pollution is linked to many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but, as a manufacturer of air treatment products, WINIX has the biggest impact on those two, with a special focus on SDG3.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Target 3.9: By 2030, substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water, and soil pollution and contamination.

Indicator 3.9.: Mortality rate attributed to household and ambient air pollution.

SDG3 goal

Sustainable Development Goal 3 has 13 targets and 28 indicators to measure progress toward targets. One of these targets is to reduce illnesses and deaths from hazardous chemicals and pollution.

Air pollution is the fourth greatest overall risk factor for human health worldwide, after high blood pressure, dietary risks, and smoking. Recent studies attribute 6.5 million premature deaths to air pollution each year. In addition to human health, air pollution poses risks to the environment, economy, and food security.

We are proud to help achieve this goal. Our air purifiers contribute to improving the health of millions of people around the world, increasing their quality of life.