Air Purifiers has never been more important

Our outside air is polluted by traffic, industry and the agricultural sector, but did you know that indoor air is often 10-30 times more polluted than outside? The harmful effects

How to enjoy your WINIX air purifier to the fullest!

You have bought a WINIX air purifier, you already have one or are thinking about buying one, in any case it is useful to know how to make use of Your WINIX air purifier as effectively

How to prevent a cold?

Does someone in your surroundings suffer from a common cold? Chances are likely that you are next. On average adults catches two to four colds annually. However, children struggle

Air pollution’s effect on children

The subject of air pollution is a very popular matter these days. Some people deny global warming, some think it might not be as bad and others demand immediate measures to

Living with hay fever

Spring is around the corner! The sun shines brighter, birds are returning home and nature is in full bloom. Some people will happily welcome the spring season, while others

WINIX PlasmaWave® technology

The  Winix  Plasmawave®  air purifier technology  harnesses  nature’s  ability to clean the air and recreates the  natural,  safe  and  effective  process  that