How to enjoy your WINIX air purifier to the fullest!

You have bought a WINIX air purifier, you already have one or are thinking about buying one, in any case it is useful to know how to make use of Your WINIX air purifier as effectively as possible.

6 tips for the effective use of Your WINIX air purifier:

  1. Place the WINIX air purifier in a strategically functional place. Preferably somewhere where an air flow is already present, close to a door that leads out or near a window. Somewhere where the airflow that the air cleaner itself creates can do its job. Therefore, the appliance must be at least 8 inches away from a wall or piece of furniture. Then the air in the entire room can be efficiently purified. In addition to that, keep in mind that an air cleaner works almost exclusively in the room where it is located. You can move the air cleaner to another room, but then the air quality in the other room naturally decreases.
  2. Leave Your air purifier on. The pollution of indoor air can develop swiftly, a simple door opening can cause this, as well as moving people or animals, because dust or other particles will be reintroduced into the air. When the air cleaner is off, the machine cannot purge these newly introduced dust particles. By leaving the air purifier on, the air quality will remain much cleaner and more constant, so that any triggers of allergies will be removed quicker.
    In order to deal with the environment in an ecologically responsible manner, there is the automatic mode that ensures that the air purifier only works hard when needed. Suppose the dust sensor does not detect dust particles or other impurities, then the air purifier will automatically adapt its power, and vice versa.
  3. Take into account the sound volume of each air purifier. Are you a light sleeper? Choose an air purifier with a sleep mode. Then the air purifier has a lower setting at night and the lights on the panel will be dimmed as well. If the air cleaner possesses a light sensor, it automatically goes into sleep mode when it gets dark.
  4. Opening windows and doors is okay, but not too much. Even if an air purifier is present in a room, it is important to ventilate. This increases the amount of oxygen in a room, but when too much air enters from outside, the air purifier may have trouble removing all impurities. Our tip is therefore to keep one open window or door at a time so that the air purifier can maintain its airflow.
  5. Remember that the pre-filter must be cleaned regularly. The pre-filter ensures that large particles in the air do not get to the other filters, therefore it becomes dirty more quickly. If this filter has taken a lot in, the air purifier will not work optimally anymore. That’s why it’s recommended to clean this filter once a week. You could use a vacuum cleaner to do this.
  6. The replacement of the filters in Your WINIX air purifier is important as well. In fact, the filters are the most important part of the air purifier. They are indispensable in properly purifying the air. A filter lasts in average one year, depending on the number of impurities that the air purifier has to deal with. Read all about our filters here.

With above tips you can always enjoy healthy air at home!