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If you suffer from allergies such as hay fever or asthma, you realize the importance of clean air. The WINIX ZERO+ is our most powerful air purifier that can thoroughly filter the air in a spacious bedroom or living room thanks to its 5-step air purifier filtration system using a True HEPA filter with CleanCel® antibacterial coating. The air purifier WINIX ZERO+ also uses patented PlasmaWave® technology that neutralizes residual dust particles and allergens, without the addition of chemicals. And, with the SmartApp you can monitor not only the air quality indoors but also outside.

The air purifier Winix Zero+ received T3’s 5 star Platinum Award and noted as Best for Big Rooms in December 2018. T3 reviewed a range of smart air purifiers and concluded that the Winix Zero+ is a powerful solution for delivering clean and healthy air for a spacious bedroom or living room.

  • Compact and powerful enough to purify 120 m2
  • 5 stage air filtration system



4 Fan Speed

4 fan speed setting plus auto mode.


Carbon filter

Carbon filter offers the best protection against household odours.



CleanCel® is a treatment that protects products from bacterial contaminations.



PlasmaWave® technology creates Hydroxyls to neutralize viruses and gases.


Sleep mode

Sleep mode dims the lights and runs the filtration in silent mode.



SmartApp provides data of air quality inside and outside your home.


True HEPA filter

True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne allergens and dust.

5 Stage air filtration system

Fine mesh pre-filter

captures larger dust particles and fluff so the subsequent filters will last longer.

Carbon sheet filter

filters organic particles from the air that may arise from cooking, pets and smoke. This also reduces unpleasant odors.

True HEPA filter

removes 99.97% of all dust in the air such as particulates, allergens, fungi and pollen.

Cleancel ®

antimicrobial coating to avoid bacteria to grow on the filter

Plasmawave ®

creates Hydroxyl molecules that neutralize viruses, bacteria and gases in a natural way, without producing harmful ozone.

Technical specifications

Model Name


Model No.


Maximum Room Capacity

120 m2

Max. air flow

470 m3/h

Power Consumption

5 - 90 Watt

Noise level

28 - 55 dB

Product Dimensions (W/D/H)

415 x 245 x 600 mm

Product Weight

8,5 kg

Filter Replacement Indicator

Air Quality Light Display

Blue / Yellow / Amber / Red

Dust Sensor

Odor Sensor

Fan Speeds


Sleep Mode

Auto Mode



Bluetooth speaker

Winix Smart App


Replacement filter

Filter J

  • 1 CD Carbon filter
  • 1 True HEPA filter
Winix FILTER J 117130