Filter H - 116130


The Winix 116130 Replacement Filter H is a complete one year filter set. The True HEPA Filter is coated with an Anti-microbial solution specially designed to repel the growth of microbes and bacteria on the filter; and captures 99.97% of particles and impurities as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, mould, dust, pet dander and hair, other allergens and cigarette smoke. The Coated Deodourization (CD) Carbon Filter uses an activated coating to reduce large amounts of odour in the environment, extending the life of the True HEPA filter. The genuine Winix Filter H is compatible with Winix Air Purifier units Winix 2020EU and ZERO.

  • 1 Washable AOC™ Carbon filter
  • 1 True HEPA filter