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Filter B

Compatible with Winix air cleaner models:


The WINIX filter B is a complete All-in-One filter set for the air purifier WINIX U300. This filter set consists of a complete cassette with a washable pre-filter, a high-quality True HEPA filter and a washable active carbon filter. The pre-filter collects larger dust particles, lint and pet hair so that the other filters last longer. The active carbon filter reduces domestic odors and strong indoor odors such as odors from cooking odors, pets, cigarette smoke and other volatile organic compounds. The high-quality True HEPA filter cleans 99.97% of all dust particles and impurities (as small as 0.3 micron) including fine dust, pollen, allergies, mold spores and dander. This All-in-One air cleaner filter cassette B is offered as a package. The WINIX filter B is suitable for the air purifier WINIX U300.

Overview product codes

  • 1 Washable pre-filter
  • 1 True HEPA filter
  • 1 Washable Active Carbon (AOC™) filter