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The WINIX TOWER XQ Air Purifier is able to measure and display several particle leves as PM2,5. The WINIX TOWER XQ Air Purifier is more than just an Air Purifier, it’s an Air Purifier with a solution to Air Polution and Allergies. The WINIX TOWER XQ Air Purifier uses a dual cleaning Air Purifier technology with a 5-stage Air Purifier filtration system and is designed to capture Fine-Dust (PM2,5), Allergies, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Mould Spores, Organic Chemicals and Household Odours. WINIX's TOWER XQ Air Purifier is best used and specialy designed for large offices, meeting rooms or any other large areas up to 150 m². The Air Purifier WINIX TOWER XQ is compatible with WINIX SMART to control Your Air from Everywhere! The WINIX TOWER XQ Air Purifier combines power with technology and has One of the Best Air Purifier performances in the Air Purifier Industry.
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Air Quality Indicator LED light changes based on air quality

Air Quality Sensor monitor air quality

Air Quality Numeric Display shows PM2.5 and filter life. It detects pollution levels via fine dust and VOC sensors.

5~15 Good 16~50 Nomal 51~10 Fair 101~ Poor


  • Control your air from anywhere
  • Track Air History
  • Real Time Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

3D Turbo Air Flow inhale polluted air dually, and release clean air in 3 ways

Dual Air Suction

Dual Air suction System draws in polluted
air faster and more powerfully

3 Ways Clean Air Flow

Clean air is quickly and widely
discharged in 3 directions

5-Stage Air Purifier System


sterilize 99.9% of virus and bacteria inner side of the product


upgraded sterilizing performance instantly neutralizes viruses,
bacteria, VOCs, odours and gases; while emitting no harmful ozone

  • STEP. 1

    Generate Plasma Ion

  • STEP. 2

    Remove hazardous substances in air

  • STEP. 3

    Release clean air

Additional information

Maximum room size 150㎡
Filtration Stage 5 Stages
Smart Sensors PM2.5 Particle Sensor, VOC Sensor, Light Sensor, Open Sensor
Remote Controls No
Noise 42.5 dB
Warranty 2 Year
Input Voltage/Frequency 220-240V / 50hz
Dimension(WxDxH) 37 x 37 x 79.5 cm


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